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Jurnal Ilmu Komputer

1.      Notes on Large Angle Crossing Graphs
2.      On Directional vs. General Randomized Decision Tree Complexity for Read-Once Formulas
3.      k-Cographs are Kruskalian
4.      Non-clairvoyant Scheduling for Weighted Flow Time and Energy on Speed Bounded Processors
5.      Single-Query Learning from Abelian and Non-Abelian Hamming Distance Oracles
6.      Distributing Frequency-Dependent Data Stream Computations
7.      An Algorithm for Affine Approximation of Binary Decision Diagrams
8.      Type Checking and Inference for Polymorphic and Existential Types in Multiple-Quantifier and Type-Free Systems
9.      Transformation Rules for Z
10.  Longest Paths in Planar DAGs in Unambiguous Log-Space
11.  An Efficient Algorithm to Test Square-Freeness of Strings Compressed by Balanced Straight Line Programs
12.  Edge-Selection Heuristics for Computing Tutte Polynomials
13.  On the Structure of Classes of Random Graphs
14.  On Process Complexity
15.  d-collapsibility is NP-complete for d greater or equal to 4
16.  Varieties Generated by Certain Models of Reversible Finite Automata
17.  Quantum boolean functions
18.  Quantum Merlin-Arthur Proof Systems: Are Multiple Merlins More Helpful to Arthur?
19.  Fast C-K-R Partitions of Sparse Graphs
20.  Legally Enforceable Fairness in Secure Two-Party Communication
21.  Simultaneous Communication Protocols with Quantum and Classical Messages
22.  Efficient Fully-Simulatable Oblivious Transfer
23.  The Phase Transition in Exact Cover
24.  Some perfect matchings and perfect half-integral matchings in NC
25.  Syntactic Characterizations of Polynomial Time Optimization Classes
26.  Representing Hard Lattices with O(nlog n) Bits
27.  A Priority-Based Model of Routing
28.  Computation at a Distance
29.  Optimal measurements for the dihedral hidden subgroup problem
30.  Protocols for Bounded-Concurrent Secure Two-Party Computation
31.  On Ajtai's Lower Bound Technique for R-way Branching Programs and the Hamming Distance Problem
32.  The Query Complexity of Program Checking by Constant-Depth Circuits
33.  Self-Stabilizing Local Mutual Exclusion and Definition Refinement
34.  Supporting Increment and Decrement Operations in Balancing Networks
35.  Orthogonal Accuracy Clock Synchronization
36.  Characterizing Small Depth and Small Space Classes by Operators of Higher Type
37.  Heuristics Versus Completeness for Graph Coloring